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Content Delivery Network (CDN) – A Detailed Guide 4000+ …words

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network. A CDN is a network of strategically distributed servers all around the globe – which delivers the website’s static data based on the geographical location of the user and the content delivery server. When someone go to your site from their browser, they have to access your hosting server in order to download your static files such as images, CSS files, videos…etc. Every user from any part of globe will be sent to your host server.
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What Is A WordPress Child Theme? Why You Should Use A Child Theme On Your Blog?

When a user arrives to your website, the first thing noticed by the user is your site layout and design. And your website design and layout majorly depends on the theme you are using. So basically themes are responsible for your website’s visual appearance on the web. But every blogger and site owner has its own taste and preferences. May be you want to change some layout or some function of your blog theme. Luckily on WordPress you can modify your theme easily with some basic HTML and CSS knowledge. But if you update your theme after making these modifications, all your changes will be wash away. Yup..GONE !
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How To Create Child Theme(s) In WordPress (Step By Step)

Child theme(s) are the heart of theme development and experiments. You can modify your themes, make changes, tweak your website layout and design, stay up to date….and what not. All because of child themes. So these are not only important but also necessary. Every blogger who loves to make custom modification to his/her theme should use and create child theme instead of editing the original theme. If you are happy with your default theme layout & design and has not made any custom changes to your theme style, it's okay. But not every blogger satisfies with the default design offered by the WordPress themes. And if you are one of those who believes in designing your website or blog according to your taste and preferences, you should be using a child theme.
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How To Create Custom Page Template(s) In WordPress For Your Blog

Custom Page Template(s) add more flexibility to WordPress. They do not only enhance user experience but also enhance the value of content displayed within them. They make the content stand out from rest of your website. Do you come across any website which is using custom page templates ? Want to use on your blog too ? You have observed that some blogs or websites have different page layouts for a different section of the blog/website. For example : A full with Thank You page or a About Us page with different fonts and color background or a page with specific ads or widget in the sidebar.
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