Best SEO Plugins For WordPress [Updated 2017]

WordPress powers more than 60 millions websites from the whole of 160 millions websites on the web. Believing these facts, its very difficult to give your website or blog a fair exposure in the online world. Let me tell you that, search engines are the best source of organic traffic for your blog or website.

So as a blogger you can’t even think about ignoring the SEO.

What is SEO ?

Giving a simple and straightforward answer – SEO is a process of making your content optimized for search engines.

What are SEO plugins and why do you need them ?

SEO Plugins are the plugins which help you to optimize the content of your blog or site and make it more search engine friendly. Please take down that – SEO Plugins don’t initiates the optimization process themselves but guide you through the SEO process.

# WordPress Best SEO Plugins:

1. WordPress SEO by YOAST


WordPress SEO by Yoast is one of the most popular and best SEO plugins in this niche. This plugin thoroughly guide you – what to do and where to do, with laymen instructions. This single plugin can take care of many SEO aspects such as – focus keyword, meta-value, meta description, sitemap , indexing and many more.

They also offers premium service if you want more control over your optimization.


2. All In One SEO Pack


All In One SEO Pack is another popular plugin in the WordPress repo. This plugin also help us to prevent data duplication along with the support for – SEO integration for e-Commerce website, which makes it stand out of the crowd. With more than 14 million+ downloads it has a overall rating of 3.8/5.

You can also opt for a premium version if you want more advance features, depending on your needs.

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3. WP Social SEO Booster


Social media becomes the next big thing on the web, now-a-days. Google also use social signals as one of the key factors while filtering search results.

If you are a popular hot-shot on the social media sites, chances are, you will get better rank in the search results. And if you want a special plugin dedicated for this task, you can use the WP Social SEO Booster, and believe me. this plugin worth a try.


4. Scribe SEO


If you are looking for some alternative for traditional SEO plugin (All in One SEO Pack and WordPress SEO by Yoast) you must try Scribe SEO. Scribe helps you step-by-step in on-page SEO of your post content.

You can also use it with other best SEO plugins out there, to achieve best results.


So these are the best SEO plugins out there.

Try them at-least once then check your page load time on several tools available online and you will figure out the best for you.

For any query,advise or suggestion,please comment below.

Tell us which plugins you are using for your SEO purpose and which one is best in your opinion.

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