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Different Types Of Web-Hosting Services ?

For a blogger it is very important to understand the difference between different types of web hosting services. Because ultimately, every blogger needs a web-hosting to make his/her site live. This is the primary need for creating any website. Please note that I am not talking about the hosting- plans here, I am talking about the different types of web hosting services. What Are Web Hosting Services ?
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How To Choose Best Web Hosting For WordPress In 2017 [ Top 10 Tips ]

Often people under-estimate the importance of web-hosting as compared to other factors like platform and domain name. But for a successful and stable website or blog, your web-hosting holds an important place along with other factors.But choosing the best web hosting for your site is like moving heaven & earth…..tough task ! Reason behind this scenario is the number of companies providing web-hosting services.
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What is a Web Hosting ?

To create a website and make make your data and content accessible to your users, you need to store that data on the internet. That is where the term web-hosting comes into play. WEB HOSTING : The business of providing storage space for websites to store their data, content and files on the web. The data is stored on advanced computers called servers. When you enter a website domain name in the address bar, it tells the computer on which server your content is stored and thus
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