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Best Blogging Tools For Pro-Bloggers In 2017 (Must Have ToolKit)

Best Blogging Tools 2017 Desktop Blog Editor Desk : Try out this editor if you want a distraction free environment and focus solely on writing. The Desk app is currently available for Mac users only. You can publish your post directly to a bunch of publishing platforms which includes WordPress, Blogger, TypePad, SquareSpace, Tumblr etc. You can also publish your post on other online publishing websites like Facebook. Window Live Writer : When it comes to Windows platform Window Live Writer is far most my favourite desktop editor. You can save your post as local draft or publish it right from the editor. You can add multiple blogs. This is one of the best free alternative for desktop editors. Open Live Writer :  It is like the more advanced and updated version of Window Live Writer. Content Idea Generation Tools To Create Well Optimized Content BuzzSumo : Go to BuzzSumo website > Enter a topic or website URL in the BuzzSumo search box > and there you got – the most  shared and popular content. This is the best tool to analyze the best performing content in your niche. Twitter Trends : Twitter is a perfect place to grasp a idea with a potential to go viral. Twitter search and Twitter Trending Topics can help you to find what people are talking about and what is trending on the web. Quora : Quora is one of the most popular Q&A website on the web. Just type your keyword or topic in the search box and you will get some real ideas. Yahoo Answers : As on Quora, this is also the place where you will find some real questions which you can answer with you blogpost. Quick Sprout : Quick Sprout analyze the content and site’s performance of the website. Just enter the URL into the Quick Sprout and you will get a analysis report. Blog Topics Generator : This is a free service offered by HubSpot. Just enter your keywords and it will give you a list of titles related to your topic. Google Trends : You can find the currently trending topics on the web by using this tool. You can also check the search volume for your own keywords and compare the search patterns on the basis of specific time frames and regions. Addict o matic : This tool searches the web for any given topic and split out the results on the basis of different resources such as Twitter Search, Bing News, Youtube etc. Creative Post Title Generation Tools EMV Headline Analyzer : This tool measure the Emotional Marketing Value of your blogpost title. The EMV tool provide score on the basis of words which hold emotional value compared to the total words in the title. A title with higher EMV score tends to perform better on social media platforms. UpWorthy title generator : This title generator tool provides blogpost title headlines with much more potential to go viral. Portent Title Maker : It works similar…
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How Much It Cost To Start A WordPress Blog [ In 2016 ]

Blogging becomes the next big thing on the web. Many of the newbies who think about creating a blog, often wonders about the initial investment and the cost to start a WordPress blog online. Of course, for a newbie who is going to experiment a new thing, cost matters a lot. So being straightforward, I am going to discuss about the overall investment cost to start a WordPress blog. 1. Domain Name ($10 – $17) The first thing you need to create your blog is – buy a domain name. A domain name acts as a address for your blog by using which people can find your site on the internet. So you can see, how important is a domain name for a blog is. So make sure you select a right domain for your blog. Here are some guide-posts which will definitely help you in this step : What is a domain name ? Tips to select a perfect domain for your blog. There are many web-hosts which provides free domain name with their web-hosting package. Though it is better to buy your own domain name (as this will save you from various hassles later,  when you change the web-host ). You can shop for domain name on some of the well recognized and reputed domain registrars  listed below. GoDaddy Bigrock Namecheap 2. Web-Hosting Service ($55 – $200 Up) The second most thing you need after buying a domain name for your blog is – shop for a web-hosting service. A web-host is a company which provides the space for your blog on the internet to store the data and content related to your blog. Suggested posts : What is a hosting service ? How to choose the best web-host from the market ? Various types of  hosting offered by web-hosts. After going through the posts above, I am pretty sure that you will get educate enough to buy a right web-hosting for you. If you are looking for my recommendation I will recommend Hostgator as we are also using Hostgator on this blog. Well, you can choose the following web-host whichever suits your needs and budget.             HOSTGATOR | BLUEHOST | SITEGROUND .   3. Set-Up Cost ($0 – $100+) WordPress has a great community and you can find thousands of tutorials, guides & posts on the internet about every query and problem you will face during the set-up. But let me tell you that WordPress installation is fairly easy and anyone with a little technical knowledge can install WordPress easily. Most of the we-hosting companies provides auto-script installer such as – Quickinstaller, Fantastico & Softaculous etc. which makes WordPress installation as easy as – One Click ! However, if you don’t want to go through the hassle  or if you don’t have enough time to go  through the whole process yourself you can hire a professional for this stuff. 4. WordPress Themes ($0 - $100+) WordPress is a very flexible CMS which offers you full freedom about the themes…
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