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WP Plugins

Different Ways Of Installing WordPress Plugins (Newbie Blogger)

WordPress is known for its flexibility and functionality. You can further increase its functionality by using various plugins. Well that’s the beauty of WordPress. You can find plugin for everything you imagine. You can enhance you SEO by using plugins. You can add security, add custom pages, add contact forms and everything you want – with the help of plugins. There are mainly three methods of installing WordPress plugins.
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Best Free Social Media Plugins For WordPress 2017

As we all know that social media becomes an integrate and un-detachable part of our personal and professional lives. If you are running a business, social networking plays a vital role in your success theory. Moreover,if you running a online business, a website or a blog, you can’t imagine your online appearance without social media. Q. Why we need to engage with this social media thing ? A. The one and only one answer is – Traffic. Well, the next thing is – how to increase your traffic. One of the most easy but effective method of doing this is, including social media buttons with the help of social media plugins on your blog. To ease your task further, we have picked some of the best free social media plugins........
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Best Contact Form WordPress Plugins 2017

A well-monetized and successful can’t be established without maintaining a proper communication between the owners and readers. website Contact forms are very important in order to organise and maintain contact with your readers. There are many free and premium plugins available in the market for this purpose. However, it is a herculean task to find the best contact form plugin to suit your needs.
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Best WordPress Cache Plugins And Their Features

There are many ways by which you can optimize and increase your site performance which includes – choosing the best wordpress hosting for your site , using a CDN service and many more. But the very best step toward your this mission is using cache plugin. Before we shine light on the best wordpress plugins for your wordpress , lets understand the basic concept behind the word – Cache.
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