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WP Themes

How To Install WordPress Theme Properly [Newbie Blogger's Guide]

This guide will help you to install WordPress theme in a proper & accurate way.Also learn different methods of installing a WordPress theme [Step By Step]. As you might already come to know that, you can choose your favourite theme from thousands of theme available for WordPress. But here we will discuss the accurate methods of installing as well as deleting the WordPress themes.
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How To Choose The Perfect Theme For Your WordPress Blog

Trying to figure out which WordPress theme is perfect for you ! Well you land on the perfect place. Maybe you were doing Google searches like best WordPress themes or best theme for a WordPress blog or perfect theme for a blog and blah blah blah ! Well what you will get is tons of lists full of themes or so called best themes. And you will reach nowhere, still confused. But its time to clear the confusion. We are not going to suggest you a list of best WordPress themes. The sole purpose of this post is to educate you enough that you can make your own choice.
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Best Premium Themes For WordPress 2017

The next step after installing your site or blog on WordPress is making your site attractive, beautiful and visually pleasing. And here comes the site decorating-divas – Themes. Themes acts as a frame for your site. All your content and data are organised and decorated within these frames (themes). Well themes can do more than that, actually.
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Best Free Magazine Style WordPress Themes

Magazine style WordPress themes are most popular among bloggers as they can display a vast number of posts and content on the homepage. From tons of free wordpress themes, finding the best one is hard nut to crack. So here we have provided some of the best picks for you.
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