Difference Between WordPress.com & WordPress.org


So you have make-up your mind to start blogging ..ehh ? Believe me, this is going to be one of your  best decision. Well I am glad you make it. Now what is next. You must need a blogging platform. There are number of options out there.

Before going with either one, you should have a proper understanding of both WordPress variants. WordPress beginner often get confused between .com and .org.


WordPress.com is a commercial hosted version of WordPress owned by the company – AUTOMATTIC.


1. Basic Version is Free(3GB Space) :

The Basic version of WordPress.com is free. Sign up > Choose your domain name > Go live.

2. No Need To Worry About Maintenance :

All of your maintenance which involves updates, backups, optimization, server downs etc. will be handled by AUTOMATTIC staff.

3. Rare Sever Downs :

With WordPress.com your site will be hosted on hundreds of their server. So there are very rare chances that your site will go down due to traffic load.

Cons :

1. You Don’t Own Your Content :

If you are blogging on WordPress.com, you don’t actually own your content and data. If you violate their Terms & Conditions, your site will be shut-down right on your face and all of your data will be lost…. Pheww !

2. URL with Sub-domain :

Your URL will be something like this :        yourdomain.wordpress.com

3. Limitations :

Limited themes (no custom themes or third-party themes are allowed except the default themes offered by WordPress.com)

Limited Plugins (You are not allowed to upload any free, paid or custom plugins)

4. Unwanted Adds :

They will place ads on all the free website (without upgrades ). See! Nothing is free on this planet.

5. Expensive Up-grades :

For every freedom you want to access they gonna charge you.

Want more space : pay 19.97$ (5GB) to 289.97$ (100GB) /year

Remove unwanted ads : pay 29.97$/year

Moreover, you even have to split your revenue earn through selling ads on your website. Not fair!


WordPress.org is the version of wordpress that is self hosted. Means, you will host the copy of  WordPress software on the webhost of your choice. As you own this Install, you have full control and access over this.

1. You Own It Fully :

You are the person-in-control and you own all of your data. You are not renting a house anymore but you own it.

2.Full Access To Themes :

You can upload thousands of themes, there are no limitation. There are tons of free themes in the WordPress repo. You can also upload third-party themes. You are free to add your custom template as well.

3. Full Access To Plugins:

You are allowed to access, upload and install as many as plugins you want. There are no restrictions.

4. Monetization :

Well, when it comes to make money from blogging, WordPress.org is the right choice. As for monetization you need to have a full control over your site and WordPress.org provides you this freedom. You can run banner ads, Affiliate links, Google Adsense any many other monetizing programs on your site.

Cons :

1. Regular Expense :

WordPress is a free CMS to use but you have to pay your webhost for hosting your WordPress site. This will cost you in  a few dollars to thousand dollars depending upon your needs and hosting package. But for a beginner blogger it is always advisable to start with shared hosting which cost you around $3 to $7 per month.

2. You Are Wholly Responsible For Your Website Maintenance :

All the updates and upgrades are your responsibilities. All the back-up, spam or security factors are maintained by you. You are solely responsible for all the data loss and security break-ins.

So this the total juice of all the perks and cons you should know before you choose between WordPress,com and .org.

Make up an list of your needs, goals and things you wanna explore and figure out the best for you. Any questions and advice will be appriciated in the comment section below.


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Pankaj is a passionate blogger and an engineer. He writes about WordPress, SEO and blogging-stuff.He is a coffee lover and bogging addict who spend most of his time in reading, writing and surfing around the World Wide Web.

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