Different Types Of Web-Hosting Services ?

For a blogger it is very important to understand the difference between different types of web hosting services. Because ultimately, every blogger needs a web-hosting to make his/her site live. This is the primary need for creating any website. Please note that  I am not talking about the hosting- plans here, I am talking about the different types of web hosting services.

What Are Web Hosting Services ?

Before going forward let me explain you the theory behind the web. As you know  your data, files, pictures and videos are stored on your computers, in its hard-drive. Similarly you need space for the data, files and content of your site, to store them on the internet (web). Web-hosting companies provides you that space.

They have special computers for this purpose called servers. Your data are stored on these servers. Like computers, these servers have their own Memory, CPU, Hard Disk, RAM along with other components.

So get straight to our goal, here are the different types of web hosting services which are available in the market :

Different Types Of Web Hosting Services



Different Types Of Web Hosting Services


1. Shared Hosting :

As the name suggest, in shared hosting the resources of your server are shared by a number of users. It is the cheapest hosting as compared to other types. It is best for small traffic blogs and website and specially for someone who is just about to start his blogging journey (beginner).

 2. VPS Hosting :

VPS is known as Virtual Private Server. In VPS hosting every user gets limited but dedicated server-resources. It is a modified version of shared hosting where the number of users on the single server are very-less as compared to shared hosting. The best thing is that, every user gets his bit of resources – no more, no less.


If a server has 50GB of RAM, 100GB of hard-disk and 10 users.

Dedicated RAM for each user = 50/10 = 5GB

Dedicated hard-disk (space) for each user = 100/10 = 10GB

Hence, every user on that server will get 5GB of RAM and 10GB of hard drive space.

If a user exceed his limit, his website will go down, but there is no effect on other sites hosted on that server.

Hope you have understand, how VPS hosting works. Now lets move to the next.

3. Dedicated Server Hosting :

In this type of hosting you own a whole server and there are no other users on that server. Hence, in other way, you rent a whole server from the hosting company.

This type of hosting is specially for the websites with high traffic and CPU needs. You have full control over it in terms of administrative access and use of applications and software access. But on the same time you are responsible for your own security and maintenance issues. Thus you need high computer and technical skills.

Which one is best for you?

Well there are some terms and conditions to figure this out.

Different Types Of web Hosting


If you are a new blogger then shared hosting is the best pick for you.Just give your blog a start, get familiar with the web and when you start getting enough traffic you can upgrade to a VPS server.


If you are running a blog with good traffic and having problem with your shared hosting resouces (which are usually limited) you should probably switch to the VPS hosting.


And if you have a master blog with massive users and visitors, switch to dedicated servers before you start losing your traffic.

The above types of web hosting services are the most common and most popular in the web market.Hence for now this is pretty much enough.

Let the fact vibrate again that a web hosting service plays a very important role in your web appearance. If you want your web appearance to be stable and steady all 24X7, you need to select the best web hosting for you.

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