How To Choose Best Web Hosting For WordPress In 2017 [ Top 10 Tips ]

Often people under-estimate the importance of web-hosting as compared to other factors like platform and domain name. But for a successful and stable website or blog, your web-hosting holds an  important place along with other factors.But choosing the best web hosting for your site is like moving heaven & earth…..tough task huh..!

Reason behind this scenario is the number of companies providing web-hosting services. There are so many companies which are offering cheap hosting services and some of them even free hosting.

Whoa..! Free ? Yup, but my advise for you is – stay away from these services. Remember, nothing is free.



Web-hosting companies are springing like mushrooms all over the web.

Well, lets come to the point –  How to choose the right and best web hosting for your blog?  Here, in this post, I am not going to tell you that who offers  the best web hosting services, but instead guide you through the process of choosing the best web hosting for your site.

Below are some basic and essential requirements which should be kept in mind when you are shopping for a web-hosting service :

How To Choose Best Web Hosting For WordPress

1. Reputation & Trust Factor :

Almost every hosting company, now-a-days, offering same features like- unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk-space blah-blah-blah . So its quite a job to pick the best one from the similar services.

But there is one thing which not every company have – Reputation. Well it cost a lot to build trust-factor among the customers. So be sure that the hosting service you choose, is trustworthy and have a good reputation in the market.

2. Scalability :

May be you are going to just take a baby step in the web-world but surely you want to grow. And with growth your website needs more resources and better hosting package.

Does your web-host provides dedicated or VPS hosting plan or its only limited to shared hosting? Moreover, how easy is the up-gradation process? So make sure that your hosting provider lets you grow.

3. User Friendly Control Panel :

A user-friendly control panel is very important. Different web-hosting companies provides different control panels such as, cPanel, vDesk, Plesk or may be some third-party control panels.

It doesn’t matter which  control panel is provided by your company  as long as it is user-friendly and easy to use.

If your control panel is not user-friendly you will become dependent on the mercy of your web-hosting customer support.

4. Customer Support & Response-Time :

No matter you are a fresher or a experienced webmaster, everyone needs a back !

Things can go wrong with anyone. But if you get a good support from your hosting provider, things become more easy and hassle free. A 24X7 customer support is the must have quality of any service provider. A good support system is the backbone of the relationship between customers and any service provider.

Look for hosting services that provides 24X7 phone support, live chat and email support. Drop an email or try out their live chat or phone support, to check how quickly they respond tom your query. A good response time is very necessary.

5. Auto-Script Installer Support :

This feature is a life saver if you are a newbie. Auto script installer lets a user install any Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla and many more with just one click. These one click installations are very useful for the newbies with very little or no technical knowledge.

Just for info, some of the auto-script installer are – Fantastico, Simple Scripts, Quick Installer, Softaculous, Installatron etc.

6. Payment Plans/Subscription Period :

Does your hosting-provider provides reasonable payment plans?  Some hosting services offer long time subscriptions. Stay away from long term commitments. Always choose yearly plan and if possible choose a monthly plan initially. Upgrade to the long term plans only if you get good service. Otherwise, you have to compromise with your hosting service whether it is good or bad until your contract ends.

8. Email, Mail Forwarding, FTP Access :

These are some of the must have features of a good web-hosting. Your hosting provider should provide the email feature (something like – [email protected]) . FTP access is also an important feature. You will be needing these features in future if not now. So its better to check now.

9. Signup & Renewal Rates :

Some web-hosting companies offer cheap signup plans but the renewal rates are very high. Maybe you can grab a hosting in cheap price through some promotional offer or by using coupon codes. But you should check the regular renewal rates before making any commitment.

10. Server Uptime :

Your hosting provider should offers 99.9% stable server up-time. Not even 99% is sufficient. Remember, the most important thing in the web world is your 24X7 presence on the web. So settle with nothing less than best.

So these are some important things you should consider while choosing the best web hosting for your blog.

If you still have any doubt drop a comment below.

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