How To Choose The Perfect Theme For Your WordPress Blog

Trying to figure out which WordPress theme is perfect for you ! Well you land on the perfect place. Maybe you were doing Google searches like best wordpress themes or best theme for a wordpress blog or perfect theme for a blog  and blah blah blah ! Well what you will get is tons of lists full of themes or so called best themes. And you will reach nowhere, still confused. But its time to clear the confusion. We are not going to suggest you a list of best WordPress themes.

The sole purpose of this post is to educate you enough that you can make your own choice.


Following are some points you should take down and keep in mind while choosing the perfect theme for your WordPress blog or website :

How To Choose The Perfect Theme For Your WordPress Blog?

 Niche Of Your Site :

First of all consider your site niche. Is your blog a personal blog ? Are you going to create a professional blog or a online shop ? There are specific themes for every niche. Off course, a theme designed for a fashion blog is not a good option for a health blog. So you should make your choice respective to your blog niche.

 Responsive Layout :

Let me tell you one thing, responsive layout is not an option any more, its become a necessity. In the internet world where almost 50% of users are live from their smartphones and tablets you can’t simply ignore them. Can you ?

So its very important that your site is viewable from every device.

 Customizable Design :

Your theme should be easy to customize, There is no point in choosing a theme if can’t make any changes according to your choice. No one like the default layouts, right? The theme user interface should be user-friendly, other wise you will be spending hours just to make some simple changes.

 SEO Friendly Structure :

SEO is a very important factor for any blogger, specially if you want to make money from blogging. Accurate SEO configuration can help your site to rank high in the search engine rankings.

Your theme plays a major role in the overall SEO of you site. A good quality theme can enhance your SEO while a poorly-coded theme can have adverse effect on the SEO.

Now you are educated enough to choose the best from the crowd. Just analyse the theme in your hand on the basis of above mentioned factors and you will know the best for you.

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