Welcome to WPBlogCafe ! If you are on this page it means you have made up your mind to start a blog. AWESOME. This is gonna be one of the best decision you ever made, believe me.

This is a step by step beginner’s guide which help you in launching your very-own blog. I will not blindly force you to start a blog without even knowing what are you doing. I will help you to start a blog but on the way, I will teach you how things works under the hood. So at the end of the day you will be educate enough to make your own decisions.

No no no…you don’t need to be a tech-pro neither you need to code. Yup! you read it right. No long-long complex lines of code, none at all. This is a beginner guide, so all you need to know is how to use computer,  nothing else matter. Walk through the steps mention in this guide and you will start your own blog in the end of the day.

Warning: This is a long and detailed piece of information so sit back, comfort yourself and grab a coffee cup.[Yup, a coffee addict here! ]

Now before going to the practical stuff, let us shine some light on term Blogging. Before you start your blog you must understand blogging. Otherwise you will end up with a live blog but with no direction to head next.

Before you start a blog there are some beans you need to collect.


Why To Start A Blog ?


Primary Requirements For Creating A Blog.


How Much It Cost To Start A Blog ?

Okay! so first thing first. Why to start a blog at all ? This should be the first question you should ask yourself.There must be some reason that you end up on this website.May be you read about blogging somewhere on the web, may be you want to write and express your thoughts to the people, or may be you want to make money online [FYI the last one works]. There are lot more. Every blogger can have his/her own reasons to start blogging.

But now I will talk about the perks of blogging, the benefits of being a blogger. In the blogging process, not only you earn & learn things but blogging also enhance your social as well as personal life and makes you a better person.

Lets have a look on the benefits of being a blogger, you gonna enjoy after starting you own blog.

1.Express yourself.

Blogging is the best way to express your views and feeling to the world. Blogging goes beyond any boundary, society, culture and country. You can express your thoughts by sitting in your home and get them noticed by the people in any part of this planet.

2.Recognition [social+professional].

A successful blog can gain you social identity as well as establish you as an expert in your field. No surprise many bloggers done this already.No surprise many bloggers do this. Just write about your profession and become a expertise.

3. Improve Skills.

Blogging improves your reading, writing and analyzing skills. After you start blogging, reading, writing meaningful stuff and analyzing things will become your daily stuff.  As you get into blogging, there are many things that will become part of tour daily life. Some things will change. Most certainly, the way of surfing internet. May be now you just surf around the web for entertainment and time-pass. But once you start your blog and start writing content, you will look for more meaningful things on the web.

4. You Can Share Your Knowledge.

They say a thing about knowledge :

The more you share knowledge, the more you earn knowledge.

If you know  something which can be helpful to other people, blogging is the way to go. You can share your information with the world. After all, sharing is caring.

5. Be Up To Date.

If you are a active blogger, you will be up-to-date with the fuzz and buzz of the world. I mean off course, if you are a blogger you spent more time exploring the internet and your field and thus chances are you familiar with the on-going all around.

6.Change The Way You See World.

After you become blogger, you see things differently.Actually you don’t see things – you observe them, you analyse them. And that’s something very important quality of a good person. See, I told you.It will make you better.

7. Give More Exposure To Your Existing Business.

If you have any business already, you can give it more exposure so more and more people know about it. Launch a blog or website and promote your business.It also give a more professional appearance to you business. The more appealing and professional you business blog/site look to your customers, the more they trust your reliability.

8. Make Money Online.

Not only you can boost your existing business, but you can make money from blogging alone. Ya ya..I knew that you know this already. And if you don’t than let me say this again, you can make money from blogging. If you gain a good amount of visitors on your blog, you can turn this traffic into dollars. There are many monetization programs available for bloggers to earn money from their blogs.

9. Boost Your Sales.

If you have a successful blog and loyal users, you can increase your revenue with the help of it. Instead of using third-party ads on your blog, you can promote your own business.For example, if you are a author, you can promote you book on your blog. And as your users know you, chances are they gonna buy it more likely.

10. Make Your Voice Heard.

If your are a social activist, motivator or a philosopher, blogging is the best platform for you to make your voice heard. You can shout your voice to more and more people with a more effective way.

There are lot more. But for now, these reasons are enough to justify your decision “to start blogging”.

Okay so all set – decision made huh…

Now say it LOUD : “ I  M Going To Start A Blog Today ! ”

No joke please ! I am serious. Just spread the word, tell your friends, tell your family. Upload a status on Facebook. Bomb a tweet.

Why all this….? This make a verbal contract so that you don’t pack your idea in a cold-box again. I mean really..how many times you decided in the past that you will start a blog today and than postpone the idea >>>to the next day and then >>> to the next day and so on until today.

But not now. We provided you reasons to start a blog – we will provide you step by step guidelines to start a blog. Now you left with no reason to blur your awesome decision anymore.

Primary Requirements For Creating A Blog

So far so good, you now know all the important blog-ish things before starting your blogging journey. Now what’s next. The first question probably scraping your mind is – What are the primary (minimum) things you need to start a blog ?

Well, here goes your answer,very fair and very clear :

#1. Domain Name.

#2. Web-Hosting Service.

#3. ….and that’s all you need.

We will discuss about these things in detail, in the next chapters.

How Much It Cost To Start A Blog

This is the most asked question about blogging. Some people just ditch their blogging idea even before doing proper research about blogging because they don’t want to spend some dollars on a new experiment. But let me tell you that it does not make you bank-rupt. You just need few dollars to start your own self hosted blog. And who knows, if it become successful, you can earn a hell from it.

Their are tons of successful bloggers who earn millions from blogging. Many companies raise their business to billion-dollars with the help of blogging.

The internet is full of examples. Google it and check yourself !

Straight answer to your question : You can start a blog with $45 at minimum and the maximum can go to any extent according to the services.

1. Domain Name ( $10-$17)

2. Web-Hosting ($35- up to $200)

Don’t go for the higher values.The expensive services are needed by big blogs and websites. For beginners you can start a blog with $45 dollars. Yup! only that much.

So you can start your blog online and your pocket will not even notice it.

So lets make it happen..together !

The very first thing you need to do is – select the topic about which you want to blog about. In the next chapter I will tell you how to select a niche for your blogging.

Step 1

Select Blogging Niche