After you purchased web-hosting for your blog by going through the steps described in the previous chapter, the next last thing you need to do is – Install WordPress on your web-host server. Be patient, you are just one step closer to your live blog. Before you go live, you have to install WordPress.

Don’t panic, its all about – one click.

Remember, I suggested you earlier to make sure that your web-hosting company support one click scripts install. If you choose the web-hosting services recommended by us, I believe that you got this option. As mentioned earlier, this is very important utility offered by almost all best web-hosting companies. This enables users to install WordPress along with various scripts/software like wooCommerce, Joomla etc. with just one click. Oh yeah…just one click.

I bet, you were thinking that installing WordPress would be the most complicated and hard step….but it’s not. In fact it is the most easy and hassle free step. Let me walk you through the installation process, bit by bit….

Check your credentials

Check your email you provided during filling out the billing information at your web-host site. After the successful checkout, you will receive your cPanel credentials by a email from the hosting company.

wordpress-credentials-email - Copy


All your credentials  cPanel (username+password), FTP (username+password) along with other information are included in this email. For now you just need the cPanel username and password.

However, I take the cPanel example here, but the procedure is almost same for any other control panel of other web hosting services.

1. Login To cPanel

Go to cPanel login page through the URL provided in the email.


Login to your cPanel by using the username and the password provided by your hosting provider.

2. Go To Software Tab

Now navigate to software tab on your cPanel homepage.


Under software tab you will find Softaculous  (auto scripts installer).

Click on this option. You will land on Softaculous homepage.

3. Click On Install WordPress

You will see many software/scripts options on the Softaculous homepage.


Click on WordPress.

On the installation page you have to fill out some  necessary information.

1. Software Setup


1.Choose Protocol. If your site has SSL certificate choose : https://

If not choose http:// ,otherwise.

2.Choose Domain.  Choose your domain name on which you want to install WordPress.

3.In Directory. You can leave it empty.

2. Admin Account


Under admin account tab you have to choose a username and password.

Also provide your email address.

Provide a valid and active email address as this is very important for future communication.

3. Site Setting


Write your blog/site name and description in respective fields.

Do not bother about the Enable Multisite WPMU option. You can leave it uncheck, safely.

4. Choose Language And Select Plugins


Choose your preferable language. You can leave the select plugins option as it.

5. Advanced Option


You can leave these option untouched as you can access these feature later with the help of plugins and admin dashboard, in a more controlled way.

6. Install WordPress

Now you can hit the install button.


You should provide your email address to get installation details in your inbox.

You are done !

Login to WordPress

Now login to your WordPress dashboard by using the username and password you provided during the WordPress installation.

Step 4

Select Web Hosting