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How To Add A Floating Sticky Sidebar Widget On Your WordPress Blog [With Free Plugin]

Ever wonder how to add a sticky sidebar widget in your WordPress blog? If YES, get ready to do it. Today I will show you,how you can create a sticky sidebar widget in WordPress. By the way, why do want to make a sticky sidebar widget for your blog ? ... Bcoz it looks cool ? Well, you are right. It looks pretty cool. But apart from a nice visual appearance there are many other benefits of using a floating sidebar on your blog. Let me tell you about these advantages which you can take by using a sticky sidebar on your blog. After that, I will show you how to create a sticky sidebar widget on your blog in less than, say - 5 Minutes.
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How To Change The Default WordPress JPEG Image Compression On Your Blog

Every one wants to optimize images on their WordPress sites. But sometime you need to make an exception and have to upload a high resolution image. But still you wonder why the image look pix-elated after uploading on WordPress front-end. After reading this article you will know the theory behind this. FYI, WordPress automatically compresses JPEG images to 90% of their original size. This is the default setting which compress every image uploaded to WordPress. There is no option to change this setting from/within your WordPress admin panel.
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Image Optimization : How To Optimize Images For Your Blog ? [ By Controlling 3 Image Factors ]

Image optimization is something which is often ignored by the web-owners specially the newbie bloggers. But when they realize the importance of image optimization on their blog, its already too late. Off course it is a herculean-task to optimize hundreds or may be thousands of images after they realize the importance of image optimization. So you should start image optimization on your blog from the very beginning. And if you made the mistake of not optimizing your blog images, start doing from right now.
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Essential Settings To Do After WordPress Installation [ #TOP 10 ]

Just installed WordPress ?...So you made it! WOW for you. But it's just the #beginning. Now what Next? Let me help you to step-up the first step towards your goal..Being Blogger,off course. After installing the WordPress first time there are few essential settings to do,first of all.These are the basic essential settings to give a start for the process.In this post I will show you the top 10 settings you should settle right after your fresh WordPress installation.
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Different Ways Of Installing WordPress Plugins (Newbie Blogger)

WordPress is known for its flexibility and functionality. You can further increase its functionality by using various plugins. Well that’s the beauty of WordPress. You can find plugin for everything you imagine. You can enhance you SEO by using plugins. You can add security, add custom pages, add contact forms and everything you want – with the help of plugins. There are mainly three methods of installing WordPress plugins.
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How To Install WordPress Theme Properly [Newbie Blogger's Guide]

This guide will help you to install WordPress theme in a proper & accurate way.Also learn different methods of installing a WordPress theme [Step By Step]. As you might already come to know that, you can choose your favourite theme from thousands of theme available for WordPress. But here we will discuss the accurate methods of installing as well as deleting the WordPress themes.
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