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WordPress Ping List For Fast Indexing Of Your Blog

To get your blog content indexed by search engines is the primary task of a blogger. If your content is not indexed by the search engines, it may not get the exposure to the web and hence people will never find your blog and blog-posts in the search results of search engines. Let me tell you that search engines are the huge sources of organic traffic to any blog or website. Thus if your blog is not indexed by search engines, you are probably
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Primary Requirements For Creating A Blog In 2017

If you are going to kick-start you blogging journey but confused about all the blogging terms & technologies, the PHP languages and all the CSS coding you read about on the internet, let me tell you - you don’t really need to master that stuff. Yeah, you need those tools indirectly, but but there are many services which do all this kind of stuff on behalf of you. For e.g. – You not really need to write or code your own theme, as there are thousand of free and premium themes available on the web. Similarly, you don’t need to master the theory behind the installation of WordPress software, the auto-script installer tool will do this for you with only – one click.
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Why To Choose WordPress Over Other Platforms For Your Online Blog

Why to choose WordPress over other platforms ? This is the most common question asked by new bloggers around the web. There are many options available out there , some of the most popular are – WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr and the list goes on. Most of them are free except WordPress. Usually, newbie bloggers wondered, why to pay for something which you can get for free. Let me tell you the best thing first, WordPress empowers the 60 million+ website over the 160 million sites on the web i.e. approx. 26% of the total. And these figures are really saying something loud – WordPress is the Best.
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How To Choose A Perfect Domain Name For Your Blog [ 10 Tips ]

Selecting a name for your site is like naming your new-born baby. Your site have to live for rest of her life with the domain name you choose right now. So its very important to select a perfect domain name in terms of SEO, branding and every theory behind the web-science. Your name should be catchy as well as smart enough to have the keywords related to your site niche to trick Google in search results. Here are some tips & tricks to help you choose your domain name wisely and smartly.
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Best SEO Plugins For WordPress [Updated 2017]

WordPress powers more than 60 millions websites from the whole of 160 millions websites on the web. Believing these facts, its very difficult to give your website or blog a fair exposure in the online world. Let me tell you that, search engines are the best source of organic traffic for your blog or website. So as a blogger you can’t even think about ignoring the SEO. What is SEO ? Giving a simple and straightforward answer – SEO is a process of making your content optimized for search engines.
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