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Best SEO Plugins For WordPress [Updated 2017]

WordPress powers more than 60 millions websites from the whole of 160 millions websites on the web. Believing these facts, its very difficult to give your website or blog a fair exposure in the online world. Let me tell you that, search engines are the best source of organic traffic for your blog or website. So as a blogger you can’t even think about ignoring the SEO. What is SEO ? Giving a simple and straightforward answer – SEO is a process of making your content optimized for search engines.
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Different Types Of Web-Hosting Services ?

For a blogger it is very important to understand the difference between different types of web hosting services. Because ultimately, every blogger needs a web-hosting to make his/her site live. This is the primary need for creating any website. Please note that I am not talking about the hosting- plans here, I am talking about the different types of web hosting services. What Are Web Hosting Services ?
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How To Choose The Perfect Theme For Your WordPress Blog

Trying to figure out which WordPress theme is perfect for you ! Well you land on the perfect place. Maybe you were doing Google searches like best WordPress themes or best theme for a WordPress blog or perfect theme for a blog and blah blah blah ! Well what you will get is tons of lists full of themes or so called best themes. And you will reach nowhere, still confused. But its time to clear the confusion. We are not going to suggest you a list of best WordPress themes. The sole purpose of this post is to educate you enough that you can make your own choice.
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How To Choose Best Web Hosting For WordPress In 2017 [ Top 10 Tips ]

Often people under-estimate the importance of web-hosting as compared to other factors like platform and domain name. But for a successful and stable website or blog, your web-hosting holds an important place along with other factors.But choosing the best web hosting for your site is like moving heaven & earth…..tough task ! Reason behind this scenario is the number of companies providing web-hosting services.
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Best Premium Themes For WordPress 2017

The next step after installing your site or blog on WordPress is making your site attractive, beautiful and visually pleasing. And here comes the site decorating-divas – Themes. Themes acts as a frame for your site. All your content and data are organised and decorated within these frames (themes). Well themes can do more than that, actually.
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