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Best Free Magazine Style WordPress Themes

Magazine style WordPress themes are most popular among bloggers as they can display a vast number of posts and content on the homepage. From tons of free wordpress themes, finding the best one is hard nut to crack. So here we have provided some of the best picks for you.
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Best WordPress Cache Plugins And Their Features

There are many ways by which you can optimize and increase your site performance which includes – choosing the best wordpress hosting for your site , using a CDN service and many more. But the very best step toward your this mission is using cache plugin. Before we shine light on the best wordpress plugins for your wordpress , lets understand the basic concept behind the word – Cache.
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Difference Between &
So you have make-up your mind to start blogging ..ehh ? Believe me, this is going to be one of your best decision. Well I am glad you make it. Now what is next. You must need a blogging platform. There are number of options out there. Before going with either one, you should have a proper understanding of both WordPress variants. WordPress beginner often get confused between .com and .org.
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What is a Domain Name ?

A domain name is a name used to locate a site on the web (internet). Let me tell you one thing that, unlike humans, computers communicates by using digits and numbers, called IP addresses. Domains are the user-friendly, readable and memorable names allocated to these numerical IP addresses to make it easy for your users to reach out your site . Lets take a simple example
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What is a Web Hosting ?

To create a website and make make your data and content accessible to your users, you need to store that data on the internet. That is where the term web-hosting comes into play. WEB HOSTING : The business of providing storage space for websites to store their data, content and files on the web. The data is stored on advanced computers called servers. When you enter a website domain name in the address bar, it tells the computer on which server your content is stored and thus
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WordPress Vs Blogger – Which one is Best?

WordPress Vs Blogger ? Which one is the best choice. This is the most common question asked around the web. Well both the services are amazing. So its all depends on you – What you need . Do you want to blog for just fun and experiment or do you want to make it BIG. Blogger is the best option if you blog for just fun and not for money because it is less tech hassle , free and easy to use. But if you want to make money from blogging – WordPress is the place for you.
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