Primary Requirements For Creating A Blog In 2017

If you are going to kick-start you blogging journey but confused about all the blogging terms & technologies, the PHP languages and all the CSS coding you read about on the internet, let me tell you – you don’t really need to master that stuff.

Yeah, you need those tools indirectly, but but there are many services which do all this kind of stuff on behalf of you. For e.g. – You not really need to write or code your own theme, as there are thousand of free and premium themes available on the web.

Similarly, you don’t need to master the theory behind the installation of WordPress software, the auto-script installer tool will do this for you with only – one click.




So technically, what are the primary requirements for creating a blog online. Let me shine some light on this.

#Primary requirements for creating a blog

1. Right Platform For Blogging :

There are various platforms for blogging. Most of them are free. All you need is a email account. Just go through the sign-up process and start bogging in next 5 minutes.

But, does these type of platforms worth your passion and dedication towards blogging ?

Let me shout it loud – NO.

There are various limitation of free blogging platforms.

So, which is the best platform for blogging. As per my advise and thousands of other’s successful bloggers around the web  WordPress is the best & right choice for a blogger.

You can also read :

Final thoughts & Our Recommendation –

Choose #WordPress as your blogging platform.

2. Domain Name :

The next thing you need after selecting the right platform for blogging is – Domain Name for your blog. To understand this topic thoroughly you can read :

Domain name plays an important role in the success of a blog. You should choose a domain name which reflect your niche (subject you will write about), perfect in terms of SEO , memorable and attractive. You should read this post before selecting a domain for your blog :

The above post will guide you through the process and after reading the post you will be able to choose a perfect domain name for your blog.

3. Web-Hosting :

Then next comes the web-hosting service. In layman language, a web-host is a company which provides the online-space for your blog to store the content, pictures and other data on the internet.

Please read below for further details and complete understanding :

 And that’s all you need …..

These are the primary and basic requirements to start a blog online.After going through this post and the links above, I hope that now you are educate enough to take your first step.

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If you need some help to go through any of the step and process, let me know and I am always there to help you out.


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Pankaj is a passionate blogger and an engineer. He writes about WordPress, SEO and blogging-stuff.He is a coffee lover and bogging addict who spend most of his time in reading, writing and surfing around the World Wide Web.

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