In the previous chapters you learned – Blogging, Why to blog?, What to blog?, How much it cost?, Which is the best blogging platform?

Now its time to go one more step closer to the end. The next step is to select domain name for your blog.

This is the first practical step you will take now in this guide. So get ready for some real stuff. In the end of the chapter you will have your own domain.

Off course, you must have some pretty handsome names in your mind for your blog. But before you go straight for shopping, I have some very important suggestions and tips for you. These tips will help you to select domain name for your blog.

But even before these tips and tricks, there are some basic questions which need to be answered.

What is a domain name ?

Neat answer to this question –

A domain name is a web address which is used to locate your blog on the internet-world.

If you enter your domain name from any part of this planet in your web-browser, you will be directed to your blog. Its same as your home address.

Why do you even need a Domain Name in the first place ?

You must know the answer by now – the web address, …right.

But what if I tell, you can access your blog without a domain name. Yes…you are provided with the IP address to the server on which your WordPress is installed. This IP address is provided by your hosting company. You can access your blog by using this IP address.

Important Idea : The domain names are for humans. Computers communicate through IP addresses like : 145.498.562.358 .

As seems clear, its hard for us humans to remember these boring IP addresses. There comes domain names. A domain name tells computer that –  is hosted on  server .

Thus when you enter a domain name on your browser address bar, your computer reads the IP addresses and redirect you the blog or website hosted on that server.

Hope you got your answer.

How To Select Domain Name For Your Blog ?

( A Perfect One)

Your blog will live with the domain name for rest of its life. So it must be perfect in every way. There are some properties a domain name should have. A good domain name plays an important role in your blog’s success. After all, domain name always holds the first impression of your blog. As they say – first impression is the last impression.

Below are some properties you should look in a domain while buying it.

1. Make It Easy.

Make your domain name easy to remember and type. Don’t make it too difficult for your users to memorize your blog name.

2. Keep It Short.

Keep your domain name short . Short is always sweet. Do you like to type a 10 words line in your browser’s address bar ? …probably NOT.

3. Use Keywords.

Use keywords related to your niche. Lets say you want to start a blog about fashion tips. Then a domain something like Or will be better.. It will help in accelerating your search engines ranking and hence boost your organic traffic.

4. Domain Name Should Be Same As Your Blog Name.

Your domain name CAN be different than your Blog Name title. You can set your website/blog title according to your choice, it’s totally up to you. But there is a downside of using different blog title than your domain.

Some users remember your site name as your “blog title” and type your blog title in browser address bar. But as your domain is different, they will get a error. And if your blog title match someone else’s domain, they will be directed to their blog. Hence you lose your visitors.

5. Don’t Use Numbers & Hyphens.

They make domain name difficult and complex to read, type and memorize.

6. Don’t Use Already Registered Trademark.

Do not use someone else trademark keywords in your domain. You can be in legal trouble.

7. Reflect Your Niche.

Your domain should give a clear idea of your topic/niche. Your audience should know where they will land after typing your domain in their address bar.

Domain Extensions :

Domain extensions are the end part of a domain name. For example : .com, .org, .in, .net etc.

There are lot more domain extensions available for registration, more than ever. But you should choose an extension appropriate to your domain name, niche and location.

TIP : .COM is the most popular and most recommended domain extension for domain names.

Tools To Find A Perfect Domain Name For Your Blog ?

There are various online tools available to find a fancy and attracting domain for your blog. You can give them a shot too….I mean why not , they are free and helpful too.

1.  Domainr
2. Lean Domain Search
3. BustAName
4. Impossibility!
5. NameBoy
6. Name Mesh
7. SuggestName


Where And How To Buy A Domain Name ?

There are various domain registrars available in the web-market where you can buy domain names.  Here is the list of some of the most popular domain registrars.

1. GoDaddy
2. Namecheap
3. BigRock

There are also some companies who offers both domain names and web-hosting services. You will also get some discount if you purchase both services from the same company.

I brought couple of my domain names from GoDaddy. They are one of my best choice when it comes to buy domain. GoDaddy give special offers, now-and-then for their customers. You can make use of these offers and buy domain as cheap as – $1.

How To Buy A Domain.

The process of buying a domain is same as purchasing any other product.


You go to the registrars site, search for a domain.


If you got lucky and the domain name is available you can proceed to check out.  If the domain name is not available you will be presented with similar suggestions.


If you find a relevant suggestion, you can buy it. Otherwise look for other domain name.After choosing the domain name proceed to check-out.


Fill your billing information and checkout. Done!

Once you selected a domain name for your blog, the next thing to do is – choose Web-hosting for you blog/site. We will covered this in next chapter. Don’t worry you are close now !

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Choose Blogging Platform

Step 4

Select Web Hosting