Most of people jump this step, go straight forward and launch their blog. But then they wonder what to write on their blog.

And even if they figure out that after launching blog, there are some things which can’t be fixed then.

For example you already selected your domain something like .   But later you decided to write about fashion. Does it make any sense. Nope! To avoid such situation you must be clear about the topic you are going to blog about.

What Is A Niche ?

The most important thing you should know before start blogging is, the topic you will blog about. In blogging term it’s called niche. There is no restriction and you can choose to write about anything or everything you like. Off course, you can blog about more than one topic, but I suggest not to. There is a strong reason behind this suggestion. If you establish a expertise and specialisation in your field, you will get more loyal users/visitors.

Why To Select Niche For Blogging ?

Practical Benefits Behind It.

In simple words, if you blog about “babies and their moms” your users will be the families and mothers with babies. Now if you promote baby-products on your blog they will most likely buy it. And if they got some problem in this field, they will specially come to your blog to concern with you.

Lets take it other way,

–  if you blog about babies, movies, fashion and a bunch of other topics, all your users will arrive on your blog for different purpose. Some for entertainment, some for fashion tips. And not to mention that, someone who visit your site for fashion tips never gonna buy a baby product.

Ask yourself,

if you got a problem about blogging will you go to a blog dedicated fully to blogging Or  will you horse around on a blog, stuffed with fashion,food & technology related articles who may also has some blogging stuff in some corner.

Off course, you will go to a blog which has specialization in blogging. So you got your answer,why niche is important.

How To Select Niche For Your Blog ?

As said, you should select niche for your blog and stick to it. Below are some points you should considered which will help you in selecting niche for your blog.

A) Your Hobbies & Interest.

Make list of your hobbies and interest. May be you find something to write about. If you are a fashion geek, you can start a fashion blog. Similarly,  if you like games like cricket or football and know pretty much about them. You can give it a shot.

B) What You Are Passionate About.

Ask yourself ! What gives you joy. What you find doing most enjoyable.Probably that may be your niche. In that case you never get bore about the topic and always comes out with something to write about. If you find enjoy in cooking, start a food blog. If you enjoy experimenting with your hair-styles, you can explore this idea too.

C) Niche Should Have Vast Area.

Make sure the topic you choose has a plenty of room to explore. Your niche should have a vast area to write about. If it doesn’t, you will end up in wondering what to write, after 10 posts.

D) Your Field Of Expertise.

What is your field of specialization ? Are you a teacher, a web-designer, a marketer or a company who wants to promote its products. You can write about the topics related to your profession. In that way you can built a trust factor among your users and establish yourself as an authority.

If you consider above points, you will surely figured out the best niche for your blog.

Now that you have selected a niche, the next thing you have to select for your blog is blogging platform.

What is a blogging platform, how to select the best pick, free or paid ?….All these topics are covered in the next chapter.


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