Why To Choose WordPress Over Other Platforms For Your Online Blog

This is the most common question asked by new bloggers around the web. There are many options available out there , some of the most popular are – Drupal, Blogger, Tumblr and the list goes on. Most of them are free except WordPress. It is an open source software but you have to host it of your own which may cost you money.

Usually, newbie bloggers wondered, why to pay for something which you can get for free.

Let me tell you the best thing first, WordPress empowers the 60 million+ website over the 160 million sites on the web i.e. approx. 26% of the total. And these figures are really saying something loud – WordPress is the Best.

WordPress VS Other Platforms


When it comes to create a website, I always recommend WordPress over other platforms. This is the platform which is use by most of the successful and professional bloggers in the industry.

Now I will shine light on some of the main reasons why should you choose WordPress over other platforms.

Why to choose WordPress over other platforms ?

1. Open Source :

WordPress is a open source software (licensed under GPL). That means everyone can contribute to make it better. It is a free and open source CMS (Control Management System). If you are one of those technical-minded creatures, you can grab a copy of WordPress and make your own modifications.

2. Easy To Use :

So what ! If you are new to the blogging world. WordPress is very easy to use and learn. You can install WordPress with one click installation provided by most of the web-hosting companies using software scripts like – fantastico.

All the upgrades can be done by just one click. As long as writing is concerned, if you even have a little knowledge about Microsoft Word, you are ready to go.

3. Freedom About Everything :

Unlike other free blogging platforms where you have limitations in terms of space, features, functionalities and many other modifications, WordPress gives you full freedom. Yup!….you are a free bird to fly in the sky of functionalities and features.

You will be the BOSS of your website.

4. Unlimited Access To Themes And Plugins :

The first change we want to do after creating a site is about its appearance. Off course, why should anybody settle with the default themes when WordPress provides you full access to unlimited themes.

You can install tons of free themes from official WordPress theme repo or can opt for premium third-party themes. You can also install your custom themes, specially designed to meet your needs.

The same rules applies to Plugins when you are in the WordPress world. There are no limitations how many plugins you can upload and install to your blog or site to increase your site functionality.

5. SEO Friendly :

WordPress is very SEO friendly, be it the design or its quality coding . WordPress makes your site more preferable to get indexed in the Google and other search engine’s search results. Main aim of all the bloggers is to earn money (why not if you can) and good ranking in search engines can help you in earning handsome money online.

Moreover, you can increase your SEO functionality by using SEO plugins.

6. Monetization :

Here comes the best part ! Let me tell you that you can earn a living from blogging. Yup! That’s true. You can run banner ads, affiliate links and many other other programs on your blog or website and make money online.

Many advertising agencies don’t trust sites hosted on free platforms. Often. if you are blogging on any free platform it gives the feeling that you are not serious about your blogging.

7. More Than A Blogging Platform :

WordPress is initially started as a blogging platform in 2003 but now it is far more than that. It is the smartest and fully-flexible CMS which allow you to create any type of website. Whether you are looking for creating a blog, gallery,portfolio or may be a shopping store, WordPress gives you all the freedom.

8. Top-Notch Support :

When it comes to support on WordPress, you will get more than you need ! There are hell loads of tutorials, forums, websites out there to guide you. WordPress support forum is the easiest method to fix your problems. A simple Google search will do the magic.

In A NutShell :

We took a long walk through the possibilities and functionalities offered by WordPress. I hope this will convince you to choose WordPress over other platforms. I personally use WordPress (self hosted) and my this site as well as couple of others are created on WordPress.

If you have any query or questions regarding WordPress platform you can drop a comment below.

Tell us which blogging platform you are using or going to use and why. Drop a line of love below in the comment section.

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Pankaj is a passionate blogger and an engineer. He writes about WordPress, SEO and blogging-stuff.He is a coffee lover and bogging addict who spend most of his time in reading, writing and surfing around the World Wide Web.

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