WordPress Vs Blogger – Which one is Best?


WordPress Vs Blogger ? Which one is the best choice. This is the most common question asked around the web. Well both the services are amazing. So its all depends on you – What you need .  Do you want to blog for just fun and experiment or do you want to make it BIG.

Blogger is the best option if you blog for just fun and not for money because it is less tech hassle , free and easy to use. But if you want to make money from blogging – WordPress is the place for you.

NOTE : 26.1% of all the all the websites online are powered by WordPress. Whereas , Blogger powers only 1.2% of websites on the web.

As from the above facts , these 26.1 % websites are really saying saying something loud and clear.

Today , we will discuss the pros and cons of both the blogging platforms and let you decide yourself which one is the right choice for you.

WordPress Vs Blogger


Blogger is a nice place to start your blogging journey and to see what is blogging all about and how it works. It is easy , free and less techy as compared to wordpress. Moreover, its free –ehh  don’t you love the word free?

Blogger is a free service offered by Google. All you need is a Google Gmail account and there you go ! But like wordpress you don’t have a full control of your website. There is very limited choice of design templates (themes) and few steps to make your site unique.

URL : Your url will be – yourname.BlogSpot.com but you can change it with a custom domain which will cost you few dollars.

In terms of portability , moving your site from Blogger to another platform is quite a difficult job. However you will have the advantage of Google robust security.

If you want to make money from blogging , probably , Blogger is not for you as there are very limited ways you can monetize your site. Sometimes , you don’t even have the control over the adds showing up on your site.

To be very fair and clear – you don’t own your site , Google owns it. Google has the right to shut this service without any warning or prior notice and your data will be gone… phew !


WordPress is an open-sourced software with a large and vibrant community of developers and designers. It gives you complete control over your blog. You have complete control over your sites appearance , data and advertisement on your website. You can monetize your site with affiliate links , run banner ads or anything else.

There are thousands of free and premium themes which let you create a website with unique appearance. There is almost a bucket- full of plugins for anything you want to do with your site appearance and performance without going into coding complications.

WordPress is the best platform if you want to make money fr0m blogging as you have full control of your site and hence on its monetization.


We have discuss the pros and cons  of Blogger as well as WordPress platforms. Now its up to you . Actually its about – what you are up to ? Are you planning to create a blog or website and make money from it ? In that case you should prefer wordpress platform. But if you are not serious about blogging and going to write blog as a fun , Blogger is the right choice for you.


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